GTA 5 HACK – pHake GTA V External Mod Menu (1.60)

Hello dear cheaterbig members, in this article, I will introduce you to pHake GTA 5 External Mod Menu for free. This cheat, which is indispensable for Gta 5 GodMode cheats, has not been detected. This cheat, which is very different from other mod menus, has a unique menu. If you do not want any game official to understand the cheat when you come to your side, you can also benefit from the Exit feature.

This cheat, which has features such as RP Loop, allows you to increase your RP. You can download free gta 5 cheats like this one from our website. You should definitely download and try this amazing trick from our site.



  • MaxWeapon
  • NoWanted
  • GodMode
  • Trigger
  • RpLoop
  • NoClip
  • Teleport to Waypoint
  • Boost Vehicle
  • Boost Player
  • Suicide

How to Use pHake External Hack?

  1. Download the cheat from below and extract it to the folder. (rar password = 123)
  2. Center phake.exe as Administrator.
  3. The game sets the screen to full screen windowed mode.
  4. Enter the game and you will see that the cheat will be active.
  5. Enjoy!

Gta 5 pHake External Hack Keys

ALT : Diversifies the menu
Left/Right Fee: Change Attributes
Num0 : Teleport to Waypoint
Num1 : Player Support
Num2 : Boost Agent
Space : Change speed while flying
Keys can be changed under Settings\cfg.txt

Download External GTA 5 Cheat 2022

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