Rainbow Six Siege AFK FARM Bot 2022

Rainbow Six Siege AFK Farm Bot is the best afk and farming bot you can use for free. It is a legendary cheating tool produced for those who do not have time to collect Level or Battlepass points in the game. This free Rainbow Six Siege AFK Farm Bot that works in every game mode will give you a unique sleep. I especially recommend you to use the constantly updated Rainbow Six Siege AFK Farm Bot cheat. You will be able to level up in the game without any effort. You can also play this Rainbow Six Siege AFK Bot tool encoded on AHK on your unranked accounts.

rainbow six siege afk bot

R6 Siege AFK, Farm Bot – Features

  • This Bot can Play every Mode!
  • The Bot has 2 Modes.
  • Human – He can do everything but not kill.
  • AFK – The Bot looks like your AFK.
  • Random Positions to Click (for Buttons)
  • Movement
  • Use Ability
  • Able to change the Map in T-Hunt
  • Show the Bot actions

Botting is cheating, so it is forbidden!
My Bots have an Anti-Bot Detection for this, the chance of getting Banned is very low.

If Rainbow Six Siege AFK Farm Bot is not working, try with these settings

Screen: 16:9 / Game 16:9
Brightness: 70
Game Window Mode: Borderless / FullScreen

How to Setup the Keys?

Enter the keys you want the Bot to press.
For example: the Bot should press “z” then you simply enter “z“.
Attention! all Letters must be written in lower case!
You can only insert one Key

How to Use Rainbow Six Siege AFK Bot?

  1. Download Rainbow Six Siege AFK, Farm Bot below.
  2. Extract the folder in the .zip to any location. (rar password=123)
  3. Run Rainbow Six Siege game.
  4. Open the Rainbow Six Siege AFK Bot cheat.
  5. Adjust your settings and have fun!

Download Rainbow Six Siege AFK FARM Bot 2022

[button style=”normal” color=”uckan-btn–red” size=”uckan-btn–middle” link=”https://mega.nz/file/c2gUWDII#lzojcr3siZRZwS_e7YFNYzXGZNSEKHkILKA3FlPPdJg” target=”true”]download 2 256Free Download[/button]

Notes: Run the Game without Battleye. Can Run in Borderless/Fullscreen Game window Mode

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