Valorant Pixel Triggerbot 2022

Hello dear CheaterBIG members, this Valorant Pixel Triggerbot cheat is a free cheat that has remained undetected for 3 months. It is constantly updated and coded to help you outperform your competitors.

The Valorant Pixel Triggerbot cheat is a feature that automatically fires at opponents when they come across you. To have this valuable feature, you can download the Valorant Pixel Triggerbot cheat from our website.

Information about Valorant Pixel TriggerBot Hack

Valorant TriggerBot Hack allows our mouse cursor to fire automatically when it lands on our opponent, so we can shoot accurately at our opponent. It is a trick that allows us to be superior to our competitors. It can be said that it is more legit than the aimbot cheat. It makes accurate shots to the opposing team perfectly and allows us to kill the target within 1 second by squeezing the scan one by one.

How to Use Valorant Pixel Triggerbot Hack

  1. Download the Valorant Pixel Triggerbot hack below.
  2. Extract the program anywhere. (rar password=123)
  3. Run the VovRant.exe
  4. Launch Game
  5. Change the opponent’s outer highlight color to Purple. Bind K for alternate shooting
  6. Enjoy!

Download Valorant Pixel Triggerbot Hack 2022

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