Valorant TriggerBot Hack – PixelBot 2022

Greetings guys, you can download Valorant TriggerBot Hack – PixelBot 2022 Undetected Hack for free from our website Using this undetected cheat is very simple. Aim assist that functions as TriggerBot is a cheat. When this cheat is detected, I will mention it in the comments section and remove the link, so don’t forget to follow our site.

Thanks to this trick, it will provide the function that can automatically kill opponents without clicking the mouse.

how to use valorant hack

Information about Valorant TriggerBot Hack

Valorant TriggerBot Hack allows our mouse cursor to fire automatically when it lands on our opponent, so we can shoot accurately at our opponent. It is a trick that allows us to be superior to our competitors. It can be said that it is more legit than the aimbot cheat. It makes accurate shots to the opposing team perfectly and allows us to kill the target within 1 second by squeezing the scan one by one.


To keep the TriggerBot trick active, we need to hold down the MOUSE 4 button.

So more Legit becomes a cheat and allows you to activate it whenever you want.

How To Use Valorant TriggerBot Hack – PixelBot 2022 Undetected?

  1. Download and unarchive the with WinRAR (rar password = 123)
  2. Extract the EXE file to the desktop
  3. Disable Windows Defender and anti-viruses (The exe file can trigger false-positive so the cheat will be deleting every time)
  4. Run the triggetbot.exe
  5. Set the cheat (Shoot delay, Radius, etc.)
  6. Run the game
  7. Enjoy!


  • BunnyHop – adjustable automatic bunny jump .
  • TriggerBot – automatic firing when targeting an enemy, adjusting the color, radius and shots. To view the radius around the cursor, you must turn on the windowed game mode.
  • AutoStop – auto-stop while shooting improves the accuracy of shots.

Notes: Do not use without a spoofer, you will be banned after 1-2 weeks.

Download Valorant TriggerBot Hack

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